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Maxwell History
Maxwell History Maxwell Paper Canada Inc. is a privately owned and managed corporation founded in 1989 to service the growing need for custom paper rolls and other supplies as Canadian banks accelerated electronic processing of credit and debit card transactions.

In the late 1980’s the new technology of direct debit transactions and Personal Identity Number (PIN) pads supplied by financial institutions to merchants replaced most cash transactions, Maxwell found a new opportunity in the ABMs, the POS transaction equipment needed for the constant replenishment of paper and ink ribbons to the record the transaction for merchants and their customers. As the demand and use of ABM’s grew, as did the services that Maxwell offered becoming a full turnkey launching an asset management system for Banks and Merchants POS electronic transaction equipment. Maxwell acquired warehouse space and began to deploy, track, repair and refurbish the banks’ inventory of AMB terminals. In 1996 Maxwell entered the field of installation training and launched a very cost-effective tele-training service to support a national need for rapid service, distribution centers where establish across the country which prompted Maxwell to open branches across Canada located in Halifax, Montréal, Belleville, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Given the security implications outsourcing such important bank owned unites, Maxwell responded with a comprehensive program of physical security, internal processes and policies including achieving ISO certification in 2001 which it still proudly attains annually.

Maxwell has over 160 full-time employees and over 100 independent field technicians service the life cycle needs of over 100, 000 merchants form the 6 Maxwell sales and service centers across Canada. Warehousing and service center space that exceeds 200, 000 square feet, including a new ‘state of technology’ customer support center and corporate head office in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

Today, Maxwell supplies consumables for the full rage of POS transaction equipment (interact, cash registers, wireless debit/credit units), personal and office printers and counterfeit detection products. As a joint venture partner in NorMax of Holly Oak Massachusetts, with North East Converters Inc. we source our raw material paper from Canada, USA and Europe as appropriate to service our customers with the best product performance and price our combined volume permits. Throughout the years Maxwell has served over five hundred thousand Canadian organizations. As consumers continue to demand easier, faster and more value form their shopping experience, the necessary response from the financial community means Maxwell’s future will only be brighter.